Quintin Nel

Surfer. Gem Setter. Chief Motivator.

Quintin Nel is pushing back the frontiers of jewellery art. His creations are his fingerprint of courage as a young designer.

Challenging the principles of what is possible, his feeling for form enhanced by his artistic use of colour inspire extraordinary designs showing the,”creative stroke of the human hand” and thus combining a fifth element to his designs, the quintessence.

His creations are classic, luxury, with the brushwork of an artist, setting diamonds and gemstones to fit within a classic mosaic.

Quintin Nel began in the early 90´s in South Africa, today working out of Hamburg, Germany.

Ralf Hoffmann

Sculptor. Blade smith. Genius.

One of today’s most remarkable blade smith is Ralf Hoffmann. His knives are fantastic creations, knives and sculptures in one, with Damascus blades of tested craftsmanship. Although he certainly also produces conventional knives of linear design, where handles become layers of graphic form, it is the fabulous sculptural knives which are associated with the name of Ralf Hoffmann. The knives are not only distinguished by their craftsmanship and high quality. They are also unique in their motifs and their feeling for form.

With Hoffmann’s instinctive natural talents, the skilled goldsmith with his subsequent fascination for traditional Japanese techniques, and later acquisition of damascene steel techniques, guided him to his métier in pursuit of their quintessence, making him one of the world’s most sort after blade smiths.

Bettina Schelzig

Queen Of Necklaces. The Female Touch. Keeps everything in balance.

Christian Tietz

Tinkerer. Tech Geek. Dreamer.

With the apprenticeship of a goldsmith/jeweller, Christian Tietz learned the craftsmanship in the most traditional way. The work on precious materials with hand tools and skills that are used for centuries fascinated him right from the start. Nevertheless he embraced/appreciated every technological innovation that would (help) taking manufacturing and design to a new level. Combining ancient crafting techniques/skills with laser-welding or CAD not only allow pieces of jewellery to be produced faster, more effective or more accurate. The actually most thrilling challenge though is using these new tools to create truly astounding pieces of art, whose construction/fabrication simply was not possible before.


Head of security. Nose for excellence. Crusher of bones.